Center Console Organizer - V3
Center Console Organizer - V3
Center Console Organizer - V3
Center Console Organizer - V3
Center Console Organizer - V3
Center Console Organizer - V3
Center Console Organizer - V3
Center Console Organizer - V3
Center Console Organizer - V3
Center Console Organizer V2
Center Console Organizer - V3

Center Console Organizer - V3

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Rivian Owner Made

This product is created by a Rivian Owner for Rivian Owners

Community Feedback Incorporated

This product incorporates feedback received by the online Rivian Owners community

Tested in a Rivian Vehicle

This product has been explicitly designed for and extensively tested in a Rivian

Made in the USA

Most or all of this product is Printed or Made in the USA (electronics excluded)

Ships from OpenSourceEV

Shipments of this product come directly from OpenSourceEV

Design is Open Source

The design of this product has been published publicly for remix and free personal use
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Center Console Organizer - V3 1600
Adjustable Center Console Divider 1600
Center Console Organizer Liner 1316
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The OpenSourceEV Center Console Organizer Version 3 for the Rivian R1S and R1T is the most unobtrusive, easy to install way for you to tame the center console. It's comprised of two pieces - a hanger installs in the small space just under the lids of the console, and a tray that drops right into the center of the hanger.

The organizer has multiple clever features:

  • A divided section for holding credit card, RFID cards, or small card-only wallets. 
  • A grid pattern on either side to allow sunlight or console LED light in.
  • Anti-swivel bezels to ensure the organizer doesn't twist and fall into the console.
  • Perfect sizing to maximize space and allow the organizer to slide back and forth so you can access items underneath without having to remove it.

Version 3 of the product is a complete redesign and incorporates a number of changes from what we've learned in the previous two editions:

  • The mounting system is now much stronger, narrower to allow for more room for your hand accessing items underneath.
  • It's now a bit deeper to allow you to store more inside of it and to better maximize the space when installed with the OpenSourceEV Center Console Divider.
  • The grid on the side has been optimized to let more light in during the evening so you can see items inside of the organizer better.
  • The edges have been sculpted out for easier access when adding or removing items.
  • The hanger now installs easier and perfectly aligns to the contours of front and rear sides of the Rivian center console storage area.
  • We're using ASA to construct these so they are more robust and easily handle the heat of living inside of vehicle parked outside in the warmest climent.
  • Production of these is now easier than ever to allow us to offer them at a reduced price.

Center Console Organizer is designed to work perfectly with the OpenSourceEV Adjustable Center Console Divider. You can also add the OpenSourceEV Center Console Organizer Liner to all versions of the Center Console Organizer without issue.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Great organizer

Easy to install and easy to use

Eric Stinson
Much easier to reach

Much easier to reach than the bottom of the organizer while driving. Great place to keep a toll tag or whatever. Also like that you don't have to pry the surrounding shim out to reach below it, the tray itself can just be picked up when you need to get down to things in the bottom.

Charles Aschmann

Works as advertised, slides easily. I would say it takes a little getting used to when you first start using it, but once you get onto it, you can easily get to the things you have stored below it. It works well with the Adjustable Center Console divider, particularly if you have that it in the middle position.

Tim D
Great addition to R1T

The center organizer covers half of the opening. It slides forward and backward so you can still reach the bottom of the center console to reach things like tissues. It is very handy.

Ross Serven
better than the others!

So much more convenient than the other console dividers since you can actually get to items at the bottom. Should have bought this originally rather than wasting my money on the other style.

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