Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2
Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2
Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2
Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2
Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2
Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2
Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2
Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2
Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2
Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2
Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2
Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2
Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2

Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2

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Rivian Owner Made

This product is created by a Rivian Owner for Rivian Owners

Community Feedback Incorporated

This product incorporates feedback received by the online Rivian Owners community

Tested in a Rivian Vehicle

This product has been explicitly designed for and extensively tested in a Rivian

Made in the USA

Most or all of this product is Printed or Made in the USA (electronics excluded)

Ships from OpenSourceEV

Shipments of this product come directly from OpenSourceEV

Design is Open Source

The design of this product has been published publicly for remix and free personal use
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The OpenSourceEV Ultimate MagSafe Charging Pad V2 is here! This new version has a ton of quality of life updates on our V1 unit that make this arguably the best wireless charging pad replacement on the market for the Rivian R1T and R1S.

The updates have focused on three major elements - ease of assembly and installation, better fit and finish, and serviceability if needed.


This kit is designed to be a complete replacement for the stock charging pad for the Rivian R1S and R1T. Its goal is to beautiful, reliable, and easy as pie to install. It uses 'MagSafe' pads that magnetically attach to the back of the phone or case, if equipped.

One of the signature features of the kit is the large, open, easy to access storage area in the front. The design allows two MagSafe pads to 'float' above it yet stay solid in place.  The storage area is quite large -- much larger than the stock setup, or other options in the market. It's nearly 1/2 liter in size at 168mm wide x 94 long x 30mm tall.

The kit is also designed to be modular, giving you options as to colors, how many charging pads that you can install, how you can power those pads, and even the charging pads themselves. It comes in the following configurations:

  1. Complete - This is our signature product. It is a wholesale replacement of the OEM charger. It includes all of the 3D printed parts, two high quality MagSafe charging pads made JSAUX, and our PowerKit to use the OEM connector like the OEM charging pad does.
  2. BYO Pads - This version is the same as the Complete kit, but does not include the charging pads. Folks tend to go for this kit when they want to install Apple OEM MagSafe charging pads instead of the JSAUX setup that we include with the Complete kit. This includes all of the 3D printed parts, the power kit, and additionally includes two USB-A to USB-C adapters, because you'll likely need them.
  3. Power Free - This version includes all of the 3D printed parts and JSAUX pads, but does not include the Power Kit. This kit would be purchased when you want to use the two USB-C ports inside of the center console to power the charging pads. It also costs less.
  4. Basic - This version includes just the 3D printed parts. You can purchase this if you already have charging pads and just want to use the two USB-C ports inside of the center console to power the charging pads.

Version 2 Enhancements

V2 of this product brings many quality-of-life upgrades to the Ultimate kit. They are:

  • An updated 3D printed shelf to reduce the amount of plastic showing, especially toward the front of the vehicle / charging area. This additionally provides slightly easier access to the storage area.
  • An additional 3D printed element has been added to the design which sits right beneath the liner. This new part of the shelf provides a flat area for the liner to lie on, making it fit significantly better. It is taped in place using high-quality automotive tape (not glue) to ensure easy servicing and repairability if needed.
  • Revised dimensions to ensure the 3D printed shelf matches the contours of the wood or vegan leather on the outside of the charging pad, and to positively snap the entire kit into place / hold it extremely tight.
  • A new mounting location for the optional Power Kit (included in some configurations) It slides into place and is held there by the barrel connector it plugs into the vehicle with. There is also a cutout to make inserting the barrel connector easy.
  • Tiedown points have been added to the underside of the shelf. These are sized perfectly to use the twisty-ties of the JSAUX charging pads and allows you to easily coil up the excess cabling and keep it out of the way.

3D Printed Parts

All versions of the kit include two 3D printed parts - a shelf and a liner. The shelf is the plastic surround which is roughly the same shape as the wireless charging pad that it replaces. It's constructed of our premium ASA material which is beautiful, durable, and UV / high temperature resistant (up to 300 degrees F).

The shelf is available in two colors - an OEM matching black (#292929 hex) or an OEM matching white (#FFFFFF hex). The top has a very light crinkle finish to better blend in with the interior and to conceal the fact that it's 3D printed.

The liner is 3D printed in a flexible TPU rubber of matching color. It's designed to drop in directly onto the bottom of the storage area. It has a light crosshatch finish on top and raised border on the outside for a premium look.

MagSafe Charging Pads

The MagSafe charging pads we use for most kits are made by JSAUX. They have been proven high quality and durable. We've not observed (or told of) them getting hot like lower quality pads, and we have not had a single one fail.

They are available in two colors - a black with silver outline, or a white-on-white setup.

Two features that we love on these pads is that 1) they include the USB-A to USB-C adapter. They are USB-C native, but they can work with our Charging Kit right out of the box as the adapters are included. 2) They can charge at 15W for properly equipped Android phones or 10W for properly equipped Apple phones. (keep in mind that you'll still need a MagSafe capable phone or case)

OpenSource & Maximum Serviceability

When updating from V1 to V2, we wanted to make this the most durable, open, and easy kit on the market. This approach manifests itself in a few ways:

  • We use all off-the-shelf parts. This includes things like the charging pads, USB power supply, and even the connectors on the cable that we use to interface the USB power supply to the vehicle.
  • All bits of this kits are available a replacement parts, either directly from us or from other locations online. 
  • Replacing a failed item on the kit is purposefully easy - uninstall the kit from the vehicle and unplug it. Unclip the failed item from the kit assembly and install a new one and then reinstall.
  • We don't glue anything together, solder anything together, or attempt to obscure construction or parts under shrink-wrap or other means.
  • We don't use any stickers or vinyl in construction of the item. We've observed (and been informed) these don't hold up well after weeks / mounts / years of use placing your phone (or other items) on them over and over.
  • STL files to 3D print your own copy of the both the shelf and liner. The license for these items promotes remixing them with different designs and for releasing them for others to do so in a non-commercial way.

Final Considerations

There are a few other notes for this product that you should be aware of:

  • This kit requires that your phone is capable of wireless charging to, you know, use it to charge.
  • This kit requires that your phone and/or case be MagSafe compatible. This magnetic design is what keeps the phone in place and on the charger. Most phones (even Android phones) have MagSafe cases available for them.
  • This kit works with all dimensions of iPhones - from Mini to Plus/Max.
  • This kit works with nearly all dimensions of Android phones, including the big-boy Samsung Ultra phones, and most foldables.
  • There is a good bit of space underneath where the phone sits to curl up the extra cabling from charging pads should you want to plug them into the USB-C ports in the center console.
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