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Install Instructions

Power Kit

This document explains how to install the OpenSourceEV Power Kit into your vehicle. There are two different ways that you can install it. Soldering is more difficult, but more stable. Screw together is easier, but somewhat more fiddly. Parts for both are included, but you only need to do one.

Installation Steps - Solder:

  1. Gather the included Molex connector, red and black wiring with the barrel plug on the end, insulation, and your soldering iron and solder.
  2. Slide a bit of insulation over the black and red wires. You may need to cut it into two pieces. They only need to be 1CM or so long.
  3. Solder the BLACK wire to the outside post of the Molex connector.
  4. Solder the RED wire to the inside post of the Molex connector. The inside connector is next to the two blank areas. The two solder connections must NOT touch.
  5. Slide up the insulation until it is touching the Molex connector. Heat it up using a hair dryer or heat gun. It will shrink and conform over the two solder connections.

Installation Steps - Screw Together:

  1. Gather the included green terminal block, 3d printed sleeve, and red and black wiring with the barrel plug on the end.
  2. Strip off the insulation at the end of the red and black cabling. Expose about 4MM worth of wiring. Don't shorten the cabling and don't remove any of the wiring strands underneath.
  3. With the pins pointing upward, insert the black and red cabling into the terminal block as shown. There should be just enough to bottom out in the block with no bar cabling showing.
  4. Tighten the small screws on the opposite end of the terminal block. They need to be slightly tighter than expected to keep the wiring trapped in the terminal block.
  5. Lay the end of the terminal block connector in the sleeve (as shown above) and gently plug in the OEM power cabling from the Rivian.
  6. Plug in the barrel connector into the USB power brick. It should light up blue.
  7. If it does not light up you may need to unplug the vehicle connector and slightly bend the two pins in the terminal block as there loose tolerances in the plug and this forces them to make good connection.

Arrange the installation as shown with the end of the barrel plug poking into the hole the power connector for the truck comes from. BE CAREFUL with bending any of the wiring from the kit as there is no strain relief.

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