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Install Instructions

Left Cell Phone Mount

This document explains how to install the OpenSourceEV Left Cell Phone Mount  into your vehicle.

Installation Steps:

  1. Insert the nut into the top of the mounting plate. There is a perfectly sized hole for it to slot into.
  2. CAREFULLY insert the mounting plate into the top of the left drivers side air vent. It's EXTREMELY important that you take your time to ensure that the plate doesn't mark up the center portion of your vent.
    1. The mounting hole is on the right, and the slot for the nut is facing upward. It's rotated into the correct position. It will be very tight and shouldn't be forced.
    2. The tabs of the mounting plate should be behind the plastics in front of the vent. Please also be mindful here - you don't want to insert it into the slot that holds the LED lighting.
  3. Install the ball holder onto the mount.
    1. The end of the L hook should be slotted between the A pillar and the rear of the dash pad. Pushing on the A pillar lining to make the opening between it and the dash pad larger is quite helpful. (shown below - done with my left hand)
    2. There is a notch on the left of the mount that you inserted in the earlier step. (pictured clearly above) There is a matching bit on the ball holder. Hook the two together then insert the included bolt.
  4. Tighten down the bolt. It should be snug - not overly tight. 
  5. Install the phone holder on the mount. The phone holder should not be overly tight on the 17MM ball. Iit should only be tight enough for the phone to not sag on it. 

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